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Applying Vinyl to Your Project

After you have painted your project, MAKE SURE PAINT IS COMPLETELY DRY!
Step 1:
Remove the backing from the vinyl decal and place decal onto the wood carefully considering alignment to the final surface.

Step 2:

Squeegee In Place- using a firm flat tool (credit card, kitchen scraper or   fingernails) rub over decal to bond the decal to the surface.

Step 3:

 Begin To Remove Plastic Sheeting- slowly pull back the clear transfer making sure each letter or symbol is adhered to the surface.

 If the decal begins to lift with the clear transfer simply put the plastic sheeting and the vinyl decal back into place, apply finger squeegee technique (and/or rigid squeegee) to re-adhere decal to surface. 

*When applying the decal it is smart to treat it like something that you just glued in place. Consider leaving the decal in place without sliding anything over it for at least 5-15 minutes.

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