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Q: What is a Super Saturday?
A: Super Saturdays are events that we hold 3 times a year for you to come make the crafts yourself. They come with all of the supplies, including tools, that you will need to complete your project. We also have the boutique open where you can find completed projects and other exclusive crafts to purchase. Completed projects can be ordered as well. **Unless you have ordered a completed item, completed boutique items are first come, first served and will not be held.

Q: How do I order?
A: You can order here on the blog by commenting on the post, or if you are visiting via Facebook, you can comment on that link. You can also order by sending an email to

Q: Can I order kits and just pick them up to finish on my own time?
A: Yes, however all paints and adhesives are only available for use at the Super Saturday event. Kits will include wood, vinyl, ribbon and any embellishment featured on that project.

Q: Do you take custom orders?
A: Always! Please email Monica at and let me know the details of what you would like to have done.

Q: Do you take vinyl orders?
A: Yes! Email Monica at

Q: Do you ship?
A: Yes. We ship using USPS. Please email what you would like shipped and we can give you an estimate on shipping.

Q: Can I order outside of the Super Saturday events?
A: YES! We are always taking orders.

Q: Do you allow others to use your kits for personal/group craft parties.
A: Yes, only in Kit form. You will need to supply the tools (Paint, Paint brushes, glues, etc) and I supply the wood, vinyl, ribbon. I give you instructions and a list of paint colors and amounts needed. If it is a large group and you would like me to come to the event to help instruct email and I will see if I can fit it into the schedule. For me to come more than $200 in orders must be placed. All orders must be received at a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your crafting event.

Q: Do you take bulk orders at a discount?
A: Yes. Each item is different for bulk- please contact Monica at for inquiries.

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